8 Apps Every Traveller Must Have

When traveling light, your phone is your best friend. It can store your travel documents, tickets, movies, and books. It acts as your navigational tool and interpreter. Here are some of the apps I’ve found most useful during my travels. The best part is they’re all free!

Google Maps

Aside from providing turn by turn direction by car, bike, walking, as well as transit scheducles, the offline maps feature allows you to navigate using car routes. Just download a city ahead of time. I recommend starting a walking navigation connected to internet because it will continue to navigate even after you’ve disconnected. You can also type in an attraction or business to see its hours of operation.


Through the app, you can filter searches by proximity to you as well as restaurants that are open now or at a certain price point. I’ve found this app to have the most extensive catalog of things to see, do, and eat as well as the most reviews per location.

Airline apps

(Easyjet, Ryanair, British Airways, Transavia, Norwegian Airlines, WOW air)

These apps allow you to access your e-ticket (and put it into wallet if you have an iphone) as well as give you up to date info on the status of your flight. You can check in through the app 24 hours before your flight and go strait to security when you arrive at the airport. You can also add baggage through the app or book a flight!


Airbnb is fast becoming one of the best ways to travel, as their accommodations are often cheaper and more private than a hostel. You can also find some unique locations! You can book and confirm everything through their app as well as chat with the host to arrange a check in time etc. With instant book you don’t need a host’s approval and in the past I’ve booked the same day as my stay! If you’re interested in trying it out this code offers $48 off your first trip TIANB25 (shameless self-promotion).

Converter (for iPhone)

This app converts currencies and syncs exchange rates whenever you’re connected to the internet. The best part is no internet connection is required to calculate conversions

Google Translate

Translate allows you to download languages for offline use which is helpful when navigating public transit. You can also hover your camera over text in a selected language and it will translate before your very eyes! The translation is surprisingly accurate if not in broken English.


For my Canadians out there, Fongo assigns you a random phone number and allows you to call any Canadian number using your internet connection. The app is totally free! Now there’s no excuse to not call your Mom.


If you have a Netflix account, you can now download certain movies and tv for offline viewing



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